Do Not Lose Faith In Eagles and Wentz

Written By: Gianfranco Illiano

The Philadelphia Eagles fell to 5-6 after a 17-9 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Carson Wentz had his worst game as a pro. He completed 33/45 of his passes while throwing for 256 yards, along with four turnovers. That’s 5.6 yards per completion, which is horrendous. It means the offense couldn’t move the ball through the air.

No matter how many times the Eagles got the ball back, it never felt like the Eagles offense could make a play or complete a drive. The NFL could’ve added four more quarters to the game and the Eagles still wouldn’t have come close to taking the lead. The offense was out of sync. 

Was Wentz inaccurate on Sunday? Yes, of course. There are plenty of plays that shows Wentz not executing the proper mechanics of playing quarterback and there are plenty of throws that Wentz wishes he had back.

On this play in the first quarter, Wentz had a clean pocket, but delivered an inaccurate pass to Zach Ertz on third down. You can argue Ertz should’ve hauled in this pass because he got a hand on it. It depends on who you ask.

On this third down play, Wentz had a clean pocket, but he can’t find any of his primary options down the field. Instead, he saw Miles Sanders on the left side wide-open but overthrew him by a mile. It was probably the easiest throw of the day, yet it was Wentz’s worst throw. It could’ve been a touchdown.

Wentz had some good throws on Sunday. Towards the end of the first quarter, Wentz delivered a bullet pass to Ertz for the first down. It was a small window, crowded with defenders, but Wentz found a way to get it to his target.

Wentz also didn’t get much help from his teammates. Rookie Andre Dillard, whose primary position is left tackle, was lined up at right tackle on Sunday. He was asked on Friday for a comparison to describe the transition and Dillard compared the experience to having to write with a different hand.

On this play, Andre Dillard is at right tackle and gets knocked down by Seattle’s Rasheem Green, leading to a Wentz fumble. 

Andre Dillard was later benched in favor of Halapoulivaati Vaitai.

Fans will point the finger at Wentz as the sole reason why the offense has been struggling and obviously that’s idiotic. Quarterbacks can’t do everything on offense. The facts are, Wentz was without a lot of key pieces and Coach Pederson was extremely limited when it came to play calling. Those aren’t excuses, it is reality. No team in the NFL can win without its top three receivers, its starting running back, and its two best offensive linemen.

Eagles fans need to take a step back, take a deep breath and realize the season isn’t over. Yes, the offense has been struggling, but let’s get one thing straight– the defense has been showing up! Jim Schwartz has this defense playing at a high level. The Cowboys lost to the Patriots on Sunday, which means the Eagles remain one game behind. Do not lose faith in Wentz and the Eagles.


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