• The Final Count is dedicated to serving the football world. We have a staff that is committed to scouting and researching college football players, from their first snap to their last.
  • As students of the game, we strive to give fair prospect grades and during the NFL season, we hope to give accurate insight into the world of football and all that goes around it.
  • We grade NFL prospects using film study, analytically driven statistics, and measurables. While we are not an official draft publication, we strive to give all of our readers a clear and precise scouting report.
  • We ensure that every athlete graded is graded fairly and based on the criteria that NFL teams tend to look for.
  • The Final Count is dedicated to moving football further along and growing the game.

Founder/Senior Analyst: Vincent Calderone – @CenzoNFL

Senior Analyst: Gianfranco Illiano – @illiano15

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