Beat the Spread: NFL Week 12

27-23 Record this season (started NFL week 6)

Last week I decided against posting my picks for college football and it backfired. I went 6-0. If you follow me on twitter you saw them and I hope you put them in with your bookie. NFL picks were great too. 6-3. So, as we approach this coming week of football, I will post my NFL picks on here and you can check my college football picks on twitter Saturday morning. Let’s go.

Pick: Falcons -4.5 (vs. Buccaneers)

Falcons have won their last 5 against the Buccaneers. Falcons players have clearly rallied for Dan Quinn and have been very impressive the last 2 weeks. I’m taking them off of my forbidden bets list and picking them Sunday. I LOVE THIS GAME.

Pick: Browns -10.5 (vs. Dolphins)

Browns need two wins in a row to stay in the playoff picture in the AFC. If they had 5 losses instead of 6 I’d feel much more confident in their season, but I’m fully confident they’ll get it done this weekend.

Pick: Seahawks +1.5 (@ Eagles)

Even as an Eagles fan, I have no confidence in the Eagles. No offense, no leadership, the team is now a joke. Love the Seahawks to win this game.

Pick: Saints -9.5 (vs. Panthers)

Kyle Allen stinks. I’m off of the bandwagon that I was never really on. Saints by a million.

Pick: Raiders -3 (@ Jets)

Don’t be fooled by the Jets win last week. They will get crushed by the Raiders. This is so easy.

Pick: Broncos +4 (vs. Bills)

I am in love with betting on the 2019 Denver Broncos. They aren’t even good but they are always competing with better teams, and covering. LOAD ALERT LOAD ALERT LOAD ALERT.

Pick: Lions -3.5 (@ Redskins)

Two awful teams, which one is more awful? The Redskins. Dumpster fire franchise. In fact, the Redskins have been so bad I generally don’t remember the last time I saw someone talk about how bad the Dolphins are.

Pick: Patriots -6.5 (vs. Cowboys)

The Patriots offense hasn’t been good but the Cowboys suck outside of the NFC East in recent years, and it will show this weekend. Love the Pats. Also: Is the Patriots’ best deep threat Julian Edelman? Yikes.

Pick: Packers +3 (@ 49ers)

Aaron Rodgers. I am totally on the bandwagon and I hate myself for joining it. He’s my dark horse MVP.

Pick: Ravens -3 (@ Rams)

What a game this is. Betting aside, this is a win or go home game for the Rams. They desperately need to win out to have a shot in the competitive NFC. Don’t think they have the offense to keep up with the Ravens. Weird what a difference a year makes.

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