Tim Duncan is the Most Overrated Player in Sports History

Throughout my entire life, I have never seen a single player, in any sport, get overhyped the way Tim Duncan does. He is the most overrated player in sports history.  Duncan epitomizes, not only being boring, but being overvalued in the fullest sense. Before I get into it, let me say first, I respect TimContinue reading “Tim Duncan is the Most Overrated Player in Sports History”

Weekend Recap: Celebrating the Sports Equinox: 10/28/19

Im going to start putting out more blogs. I’ll eventually change the name of the site to something more broad, but until then I will blog about mostly everything on Wentz Zone. What a beautiful day it was on Sunday. It was like every single star aligned. There was no better place to be thenContinue reading “Weekend Recap: Celebrating the Sports Equinox: 10/28/19”