The Patriots offense hasn’t produced, but why? We take a dive into 2 key issues.

You don’t need stats to tell you that something has been off with the Patriots this season. Although they have a dominant defense, their offense has often gone AWOL, and is one of the main reasons the Patriots just lost two in a row. The Patriots face the Bengals on Sunday as they look toContinue reading “The Patriots offense hasn’t produced, but why? We take a dive into 2 key issues.”

NFL – Outside the Box Episode 9 – Pick Em Pod Week 15

NFL WEEK 15 Pick em We pick a winner in every NFL game Recap of our epic 13-2 day last weekend Bad Beats We predict NFL playoff spreads We used a lifeline for a pick and it did not go well Outside the Box is presented by the Final Count. Links:

Beat The Spread: Thanksgiving Weekend Edition

It’s November 28th, the turkey is in the oven, the leaves are falling from the tree’s and the Lions are down by 20 in the first half. It’s Thanksgiving. And it is glorious. I’m going to give you guys some picks that I am confident in through this weekend. I am 14-1 in college footballContinue reading “Beat The Spread: Thanksgiving Weekend Edition”

Beat the Spread: NFL Week 12

27-23 Record this season (started NFL week 6) It’s time, @Chargers — Vinnie Calderone (@CenzoCal) November 19, 2019 Last week I decided against posting my picks for college football and it backfired. I went 6-0. If you follow me on twitter you saw them and I hope you put them in with your bookie.Continue reading “Beat the Spread: NFL Week 12”

Beat the Spread: CFB Week 11/NFL Week 10 picks

This season has just been so awesome. All of the storyline’s and great games have made 2019 the most entertaining season yet. From Lamarr Jackson to Gardner Minshew, we have seen a plethora of career changing seasons for individual players. I can’t wait to see the second half of the season. Nick Foles is back.Continue reading “Beat the Spread: CFB Week 11/NFL Week 10 picks”