Weekend Recap: Lamar Jackson is the best QB in football right now

What a great Sunday. The Ravens beat up on the Texans. The Falcons destroyed the Panthers in Carolina. The Patriots and Eagles were in a defensive dogfight. And how about the New York Jets winning the garbage bowl! What a day

I can’t forget about a wild weekend in college football. The boat has officially sunk as Minnesota lost to Iowa. I feel like Iowa’s role in college football every year is to just beat good teams and ruin their season. They’ll never make it to the college football playoffs but they are always expected to win a big upset every year and make it to the B1G Championship.

Michigan beat up on Michigan State on Saturday as well. Shea Patterson had his first 300 yard game and has looked great down the stretch. I think Michigan will end up winning out. They are playing exceptional defense right now and they are starting to find rhythm offensively.

Colin Kaepernick had a workout Saturday for NFL teams. He looks very average but of course the blue check mark brigade had something to say about how good he is. I never had a problem with him and actually loved watching him play but he isn’t getting younger. Also, he’s a vegan which doesn’t bode well for health. Cam Newton is a vegan. When is the last time he played a full season? Just saying.


Falcons are playing hard for Dan Quinn. Interested to see how the season ends for them. The Kyle Allen hype train might be hitting disaster mode soon. He has looked bad for a few games in a row now.

49ers had a nice bounce back game against a tough Cardinals team. Kyler Murray is very good and will dominate the league for years to come.

The Bears still suck. Last week, I thought Mitch finally put it all together but I was wrong. I don’t think I’ve seen a player just fall apart as much as he has. I put the blame all on Matt Nagy. He constantly leaves Trubisky out to dry with shitty play calling. And then he takes him out late in the game?? What a dick move.

The Saints had a great game offensively. It looks like Drew Brees finally got his rhythm back after coming back from injury. Don’t count the Saints out just yet.

The Lions defense is absolutely horrid. They give every QB in the league career days. Remember how mad Lions fans were when they traded Diggs? They need to go ahead and trade everyone else too. Awful.

The Colts got a huge win against the Jag’s. Nick Foles struggled after being out since Week 1. Brissett has his first game back after being out a week and looked really good. Colts Texans next week should be incredible.

Lamar Jackson is so good. He makes big plays look easy. Texans looked really bad especially on defense. Gotta figure it out fast if they want to win the division.

Vikings had a huge come back against the Broncos. Man, the Broncos play every single team in the league so tough. They are such a tough win these days which is strange because they aren’t very talented.

What a weekend. On to the next one.

6-0 in college football this weekend 🔥

Beat The Spread: NFL Week 11

For a preview of the week’s action:

This is the time of year where every game is so crucial. Undrafted/Low-level guys are trying to earn contracts and teams are looking to make the playoffs and place high. While this is a good thing for the sport, it makes gambling very hard to call. A lot of bad teams can pull wins out because the good teams might play tight and scared to lose. We saw it with the Chiefs-Titans game last week.

Lots of stars injured this week. Hate to see it. Especially when every game is so crucial for teams in the hunt.

Doing things a little different this week. I love the board this week in the NFL so I am only doing NFL picks. So, with that, lets go look at my picks for Week 11.

Pick: Cowboys -7 (vs. Lions)

Lions continue to give up big plays on defense and Stafford is out again. Zeke has a big game and Cowboys will win big. The Cowboys are 7-2-1 ATS when on the road against a team with a losing record.

Pick: Jaguars +2.5 (vs. Colts)

Image result for nick foles gif

Pick: Vikings -10 (vs. Broncos)

The Minnesota Vikings are 3rd in rush yards and 9th in points in the NFL (NFL.com). The Denver Broncos are 17th in rush defense (NFL.com). Dalvin Cook will have a big game.

Pick: Ravens -4.5 (vs. Texans)

The Ravens are 5-0 in their last five games. They will continue to roll, even against Watson and the Texans.

Pick: Panthers -4 (vs. Falcons)

I still can’t believe the Falcons beat the Saints last Sunday. No way they do it 2 weeks in a row. I like the Panthers in this one.

Pick: Bills -7 (@ Dolphins)

Bills desperately need to be able to beat bad teams. Fitzmagic has looked impressive of late, but I love the Bills in this one.

Pick: Saints -5 (@ Buccaneers)

I love the Bucs in this but I don’t think the Saints can afford too many more losses this season if they want to contend.

Pick: Raiders -12.5 (vs. Bengals)

Bengals stink. Raiders by 100.

Pick: Patriots -4 (@ Eagles)

The Patriots are 14-4 (77.8%) coming off a bye week since 2010 which is the best in the league (NFL.com).Alshon Jeffery and Jordan Howard are injured and will not play for the Eagles on Sunday. I like the Pat’s in this one, sadly.

Pick: Rams -6.5 (vs. Bears)

I think Trubisky against the Lions last week was a fluke and the Rams basically have to win out if they want to go to the playoffs. Love the Rams in this one.

Pick: Chiefs -4 (@ Chargers)

Both teams have looked rough as of late, but Kansas City is 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games vs. the Chargers (fanduel.com)

Be sure to follow me on twitter for updates on all the games in the NFL today. @vin_calderone Good luck.

Is being the last undefeated team in the NFL regular season a bad thing?

The Seahawks beat the 49ers on Monday night, 27-24. The 49ers suffered their first loss of the season after starting 8-0.

As NFL fans, we have seen teams completely dominate the NFL regular season, undefeated or not, and get tossed from the playoffs, or not even make them.

As I watched the game, I wondered how the last undefeated team in the NFL regular season usually finishes. It turns out being undefeated last can actually be a bad thing. In fact, the 2006 Colts were the first final undefeated team to win the Super Bowl since 1999. Lets take a look at some notable recent teams:

2016 Vikings – Started 5-0 – No playoffs

The 2016 Vikings started out hot at 5-0. Then, reality hit and they ended up losing 8 games and finishing 8-8. They didn’t make the playoffs, not even as a wildcard. This was Adrian Peterson’s last season as a Viking. The Eagles traded Sam Bradford to the Vikings for a first round pick right before the season. Teddy Bridgewater had suffered a brutal injury and the Vikings needed a QB for the season. That first round pick ended up being Derek Barnett, who ended up getting a crucial fumble recovery that led to the 2017 Eagles winning the Super Bowl. The Eagles QB in the 2017 Super Bowl, Nick Foles, was traded by the Eagles in 2015 for Sam Bradford, who wasn’t on the team following the 2016 season. And Teddy Bridgewater is going to get paid next season while the Vikings are stuck with Kirk Cousins.

2013 Chiefs – Started 9-0 – Lost Divisonal

This is one of the prime examples I was looking for. A team that starts so flawlessly and then ends up blowing a 38-10 second half lead against the Colts. Yes, that happened. In one of the best starts in NFL history, the Chiefs and Alex Smith we’re flying high. Then, all crashed and burned as Andrew Luck ripped their heart out in the playoffs, 45-44. Andy Reid is still with Kansas City and is looking for his first Super Bowl win.

2011 Packers – Started 13-0 – Lost Divisonal

I still can’t believe this team lost to the New York Giants. The 2011 Packers were so damn good. They were breaking scoring records left and right with AROD at the ship. Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and MVP John Kuhn were just a few of the notable names on offense. Rodgers didn’t play for 3 weeks leading up to the playoffs, which turned out to be a problem as the offense looked a bit out of rhythm against the New York Giants. Playoff Manning threw for 3 TD’s and the Giants ended up going to the Super Bowl and beating the New England Patriots for the second time.

2007 Patriots – Started 18-0 – Lost Super Bowl

I voted against putting Super Bowl losers on this list at all because I value just making it to the SB so much. But, this was such a historic season and super bowl I feel like I had to put this on here. The New England Patriots were in primetime franchise mode as Bill and Tom were on a mission for perfection. And then they lost in the Super Bowl to the New York Giants. The 2007 Super Bowl is easily a top 3 Super Bowl for me. Even though I hate the Giants, everyone in America, besides Mass-holes, wanted to see the Patriots lose. Michael Strahan and the Giants defense only allowed 14 points and led the Giants to a huge win.

2005 Colts – Started 13-0 – Lost Divisional

As we look back, this doesn’t look too bad. The Colts won the Super Bowl in 2006. But, this was a pretty bad collapse. The Colts broke a record in 2005 for winning 12 straight games without ever trailing (PFR). Peyton Manning was so good in this stretch of years for the Colts. He threw 49 TD’s the year before. The Colts would eventually lose to the Steelers in the Divisional Playoff game, 21-17. Manning would end up winning two Super Bowls with the Colts(1) and the Broncos(1).

It turns out being the last unbeaten team in recent years is in fact a bad thing. I am wondering who put this curse in unbeatens in the NFL. Perhaps it was this cat who put a curse on every NFL bettor in America. I bet the Giants last weekend to reverse this cat’s curse and of course I still lost.

I would add more to the list but there hasn’t been as many shocking upsets as there has been in the last 12 years. Let’s see if the 49ers can avoid being on this list and make a run for a Super Bowl.

***All stats credited to the NFL and Pro-Football-Reference.

Report: Greg Schiano will be Rutgers next head coach

A source recently told me that Greg Schiano will be Rutgers next head coach. News that many fans are sure to be excited about.

I do not have contract details or when exactly he will be signing, but I have reason to believe it could happen before the season is over.

Schiano, who was Rutgers head coach from 2001-2011, went 68-67 in his time there, including 5-1 in bowl games.

I will update this blog as I continue to gather more information.

Weekend Recap: We witnessed a game for the ages

Happy Monday everyone. We witnessed one of the greatest college football games in recent memory. LSU beat Alabama 46-41 in Tuscaloosa. If you missed the game, you have to watch the highlights:

The finish was picture perfect. I can’t say enough about how good Joe Burrow is. Every big throw that he had to make was made on Saturday night. And I was really suprised to see how much Tua struggled. I’m sure it was just the ankle but really tough to see. I live tweeted the game. Here are some of the highlights:

Joe Burrow had the tweet of the night, however.

Elsewhere in college football, ROW THE BOAT. Minnesota beat Penn State 31-26 in Minnesota. Tanner Morgan, the QB for Minnesota, threw for 339 and 3 TD’s. I think we got our answer on if Minnesota is for real or not.

In the NFL, we had one of the craziest 1:00 windows ever. The witching hour took my soul and I lost three bets within 5 minutes!!

NFL Quick Hits:

The Browns finally got a big win, beating the Buffalo Bills in Cleveland. Baker Mayfield made big throws late and their defense hung tight in the fourth quarter.

The Packers are a top 3 team in the NFL. Rodgers is playing MVP level football and Aaron Jones is becoming a superstar in front of our eyes.

The Dolphins and Bengals have been in a competition for the number one overall pick since the season started, and the Fins are losing after they beat the Colts on Sunday. It will be interesting to see how that plays out as we inch towards April.

The Jets offense looked really good today. Darnold desperately needed to just have a mistake free game and score some points and he did just that. It will be interesting to see what the Jets do with both Gase and Darnold as we approach the final stretch of the season.

The Chiefs lost another game they had no business losing. They did not have a good game defensively and Derrick Henry ran right through them. They also let up a crucial 4th quarter TD with under a minute left to give Ryan Tannehill and the Titans the win in Tennessee. Gotta give credit to the Titans and especially Mike Vrabel. The Titans came to play and it showed from the first snap.

The Lions were without Matt Stafford in Chicago and they left without a win. Mitch Trubisky had his best game of the year. Detroit’s defense has consistently played bad this season and it especially showed against Chicago.The Bears are at 4-5 and somehow still in play to compete for a playoff spot. THIS LEAGUE.

Dan Quinn’s job is safe. There were reports that Falcons ownership were using this game to track how this season has gone, so Dan Quinn will surely keep his job another week. I can’t believe the Saints allowed the Falcons to just walk all over them like that. Drew Brees was horrible. Put Teddy back in.

I blogged last week about Minkah Fitzpatrick being the best trade in NFL history. Ok, not really, but I did say how great of trade that was for the Steelers. He now has 6 INT’s this season since joining Pittsburgh’s squad. Don’t look now but the Steelers are 5-4 and have a really good defense.

The Bucs are back in the win column. Jameis had a great game throwing for almost 400 yards against the Cardinals. They snapped a 4 game losing streak. They face the Saints next weekend. The Cardinals have been surprising people this year, especially of late. They are competitive and I think Kyler Murray is the most exciting rookie this season.

I can’t believe we already in November. As we continue down the final stretch of the football year, I’m sure it will get even better.

The Eagles had a bye week. I forgot how much bye week’s suck.

Enjoy your Monday.