NFL – Week 16 Rundown

This has been one of the most entertaining NFL seasons I’ve ever experienced. It’s my first year covering the NFL, and I’ve never paid as much attention to the game like I do now, but I feel like we are getting weekly upsets, fights, last minute scores, and HUGE games with playoff implications. I meanContinue reading “NFL – Week 16 Rundown”

5 Things We Learned on NFL Sunday – Week 13

1. The Eagles are a bad football team Carson Wentz missed throws, the Eagles defense gave up big plays, and the Eagles lost to the Dolphins. Just when I thought the Seattle loss was rock bottom they managed to look worse. The offense was able to move the ball, but they still had numerous momentsContinue reading “5 Things We Learned on NFL Sunday – Week 13”

Weekend Recap: Lamar Jackson is the best QB in football right now

What a great Sunday. The Ravens beat up on the Texans. The Falcons destroyed the Panthers in Carolina. The Patriots and Eagles were in a defensive dogfight. And how about the New York Jets winning the garbage bowl! What a day — Big Cat (@BarstoolBigCat) November 18, 2019 I can’t forget about a wildContinue reading “Weekend Recap: Lamar Jackson is the best QB in football right now”

Weekend Recap: We witnessed a game for the ages

Happy Monday everyone. We witnessed one of the greatest college football games in recent memory. LSU beat Alabama 46-41 in Tuscaloosa. If you missed the game, you have to watch the highlights: The finish was picture perfect. I can’t say enough about how good Joe Burrow is. Every big throw that he had to makeContinue reading “Weekend Recap: We witnessed a game for the ages”