Titans-Patriots Full Preview, Analysis

For picks: https://thefinalcount.blog/2020/01/03/nfl-wild-card-weekend-picks-and-other-thoughts/ What a difference a week makes. The Patriots should be resting and recovering from a brutal schedule but instead are gearing up to face a lethal Titans team. Lethal is the only way to describe the Titans offense and the fact is the Patriots desperately need to get off to a goodContinue reading “Titans-Patriots Full Preview, Analysis”

Gambling: How DVOA% can help predict matchups in the NFL

Analytics have been becoming more and more popular when it comes to gambling on and analyzing football games. DVOA% is a stat that has caught my eye in the recent history. I think its important to test out theories before I try them, so I decided to research how DVOA% can predict who will coverContinue reading “Gambling: How DVOA% can help predict matchups in the NFL”