QB1: Evaluating every QB playing in the Championship Game’s Today

Editors note: I had Giovanni Rescigno, former Rutgers QB, come in and evaluate all 4 of the Quarterbacks that are playing in the games today. It was interesting hearing his perspective.

Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is 1 game away from playing in his first Super Bowl. Ironically, if the Titans do end up making the super bowl, he will play in Miami where he played for the Dolphins from 2012-2018. It’s been an interesting year watching Tannehill progress after taking over for Mariota in Week 7. The Titans offense looked flat and had no identity with Mariota at the helm. Granted, the offensive line was letting up the most sacks in the league through 7 weeks and the run game wasn’t nearly as lethal as it is now. With that being said, I expect Tannehill to have a much better “showing” today. I say that because the consensus has been he hasn’t been that good in the playoffs. Well if you have Derrick Henry in the backfield, do you really have to be THAT good? He made the throws vs Baltimore when it mattered the most and late in the game vs the Patriots as well. I expect him to do the same today vs the chiefs. The Titans and Ryan Tannehill are capable of having a big day in the air. If the run game gets going early expect more play action then previous weeks and look for AJ Brown and Corey Davis to make big time plays.

Patrick Mahomes

You can’t say enough about this guy. He has taken the league by storm and has impressed and is only seeming to improve after each game, which is scary. The chiefs rely heavy on Mahomes arm and don’t mind throwing the ball 60+ times. He has tons of weapons and has had TONS of time to throw the ball. Last week, the Texans put no pressure on Mahomes and he was able to sit in the pocket and deliver dimes all day. Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs offense is always well prepared. The game plan going into each game is perfect and I expect to see the same thing for the Titans. If the titans can get pressure on mahomes and make him make throws under pressure, it will get interesting.

Jimmy Garropollo

When I watch Garrappolo, I see tons of great assests. He has a great arm, he has pocket presence, he’s confident, accurate and a pure leader. He’s going to be a great QB in this league for a long time. Garrappolo is almost in the perfect situation. He has a defense that is top ranked and doesn’t look to be slowing down. Their run game vs the Vikings was flawless and allowed them to dictate the game with ease. The key for Garrappolo is to control what he can control and make the throws when he has to. The 49ers defense is so good that he just needs to limit the mistakes. He made some questionable throws early in the game vs the Vikings and I’m curious to see how he responds to the Packers defense. I expect Garrappolo to do what he has to do to get the job done. Jimmy needs to make accurate throws, no mistakes and control the game.

Aaron Rodgers

I have seen a lot of takes about the “drop off” of Rodgers coupled with clips of inaccurate throws and him missing receivers. Let’s get this straight: Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers and he has an opportunity to make it to the Super Bowl for his second time. He’s going to extend plays, make throws and make the big plays when it matters the most. Is he still the same guy he was 4-5 years ago? Of course not but he’s still elite and will lead the Packers to the Super Bowl once again with a good performance vs the 49ers. I’m curious to see how the packers o line holds up against a deadly 49ers pass rush. Aaron Rodgers is the better quarterback in this matchup and I honestly think it’s going to come down to which quarterback makes less mistakes and makes the throws when it matters. I’ll take Rodgers on that note.

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