All-22: Titans @ Patriots – Wild Card Game

I spent a lot of time on Monday going through film of the Titans-Patriots game. The 4th quarter was very telling as the Titans were able to control possession for most of the quarter and killed the clock. The Patriots offensive woes from the regular season continued to kill them in the playoffs.

1st and Goal
2nd and Goal
3rd and Goal

Rashaan Evans had the game of his life on Saturday night. He finished with 8 solo tackles on 50 snaps.

Titans – 3rd down hold

One of the reasons the Patriots offense was bad all season was play calling. Throwing the ball to your rookie WR on 3rd down in good coverage is not ideal.

Ryan Tannehill interception
Titans get home on a 3 man rush and cause a bad throw from Brady
Ryan Tannehill escapes pressure and finds his check-down
Derrick Henry finds something out of nothing

Derrick Henry was a beast on Saturday night. He had 34 carries for 182 yards and a TD. He was crucial to the Titans running the clock out late as well, picking up many crucial first downs.

Tannehill Read Option to pick up first down
Derrick Henry best run of the night
Tannehill throws to Frisker for a huge first down

Although the Titans didn’t have their normally great pass offense on display Saturday night, Tannehill made throws when he needed to.

Derrick Henry big run
Play of the game: Brady’s pass gets deflected into the arms of Logan Ryan to seal the game.

Henry was the standout player of the game. His shear power and low base makes him so hard to bring down, especially in the open field.

Patriots WR struggled with separation all season long, as evidence by these Next-Gen stats.

The Titans travel to Baltimore to face Lamar Jackson and the Ravens on Saturday night.

Next breakdown will be the Saints-Vikings.

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