NFL – Week 15 Rundown

Week 15. The time for teams who want to make the playoffs to slam on the gas pedal. We do a rundown of every game from Sunday.

Eagles 37-27 Redskins

Wentz comes up big late for the second week in a row. 18-21 141 yards 3 TD’s. Incredible resilience by this Eagles team. Jackson, Jeffery, Agholor, Sproles and company all out injured. This offense had life in the second half. The Eagles defense was shaky all game, they need to tighten up, especially against Dallas. All signs point to next week. Often this team has come out flat in big games. They need that energy on Sunday against the Cowboys. I have total faith in this team because of this QB. And Miles Sanders. Lets talk about him too please. He’s becoming a superstar. 19 for 122 and a TD. Can’t stress how important next week is. A lot of guys jobs depend on it. Eagles have to win.

Texans 24-21 Titans

This division is awesome. Just when you think Tennessee has control, boom. The Texans have life again and lead the AFC South at 9-5. Can’t say enough about how good Tannehill has been. I like this Titans team a lot. Thought they lost any chance once Henry went down on Sunday. He’s the heart of that offense and they need him. These two teams play again in two weeks, and it should be a lot of fun.

Falcons 29-49ers 22

I thought San Francisco was the favorite to win the NFC and would cruise through the rest of the season. I might have been wrong. How about the Atlanta Falcons? They played well. Going to be interesting to see what they do about the coaching situation. Dan Quinn has been praised in the locker room. He’s liked by the players. I think he sticks around for next season but who knows. The 49ers need to quickly forget about this one. They can still win the NFC.

Bills 17-Steelers 10

Mike Tomlin said that Devlin Hodges hasn’t “killed” the Steelers. Well, on Sunday night, he did. Gotta give credit to the Bills. They simply made more plays than the Steelers. Allen was great against a tough Steelers defense. Game winning touchdown pass. Hodges then threw the game-clinching pick late, twice, and the Bills hung on. It’s insane that the Bills can still win the AFC East. Not likely, but wilder things have happened.

Patriots 34-Bengals 13

“We’re on to the Bills.” Brady throws a pair of touchdowns. Gilmore proves why he’s the best corner in the league and the Patriots clinch a playoff birth. We talked about their offense struggling all week, especially at The Final Count, and they delivered. I think a little dose of Cincinnati was what the Patriots offense needed. Should be a fun one next week. Cincy moves to 1-13.

Broncos 3-Chiefs 23

Mahomes was great. Love to see him throw the ball around. He’s struggled a bit this season with accuracy. But, he has a 64.5% completion percentage so it’s not the end of the world. The Chiefs get 10 wins for the 5th year in a row. Andy Reid is a winner. Broncos – Can’t judge how the offense played. Snowy weather. I won’t be grading Drew Lock until he plays 10+ games. I like him, but I’m hearing he’s the QB of the future already. Patience, Denver, patience.

Browns 24-Cardinals 38

Kyler Murray. He has all of the skills necessary to ball out in this league. Patience is a virtue with him, though, as he has struggled with turnovers this season, as most rookies do. Kenyan Drake 4 TD’s. That was a great trade for the Cardinals. I’m interested to see if they end up resigning him. The Browns fall to 6-8. Freddie Kitchens is somehow the coach of the team still. You have Jarvis Landry cussing Kitchens out and Odell trade rumors. Cleveland was talked about as a playoff contender in the offseason…

Rams 21-Cowboys 44

Friendly reminder: Jared Goff’s cap hit goes from 10 million to 36 million this offseason. The Rams decline is real. I am not sure who gets the blame. The abysmal run game has KILLED their rhythm on offense. Their QB play has been inconsistent, or just consistently bad. Or maybe the NFL has figured McVay out. Also, another note: the Rams don’t have much on offense for Goff to succeed. I don’t really think he should get all the blame. He hasn’t helped them much, though. The Cowboys looked great. They dominated from the start. Pretty shocking considering this spread was EVEN for most of the week.

Bears 13-Packers 21

This could have been the greatest win in this rivalries history for the Bears at the end, but the tricky did not hold up as the Packers held on late to beat the Bears. The Packers utilized the run game and it certainly paid off. Aaron Jones had 2 TD’s on 13 carries. Devante Adams had 103 yards receiving. This was a dog fight, as both defense knew they had to win the game. The Packers have clinched a playoff spot, and they are in contention to win the NFC still, but need some help. They are currently tied with the Seahawks for first place.

Vikings 39-Chargers 10

The Vikings took care of business against the Chargers on Sunday. Credit to Minnesota for beating a team they are supposed to beat. The Chargers has 7 turnovers, and the Vikings capitalized. The Chargers have been such a disappointment this season. Melvin Gordon, who held out for half of the season, had only 7 carries for 28 yards. I think it’s safe to say he won’t be back in LA next season. The Vikings are in possession of a wild card spot, but if they beat the Packers next week, things could get interesting in the NFC North.

Seahawks 30-Panthers 24

Russell Wilson threw for 286 and 2 TD’s. Chris Carson rushed for 133 and 2 TD’s. Not the prettiest game for the Seahawks, especially on defense, but they just keep winning and our currently first place in the NFC. The Seahawks defense hasn’t been what it used to be. They are currently 17th in Defensive efficiency, at 0.7%. They need to tighten up before the playoffs start. Week 17 against the 49ers should be interesting, as it could determine who finishes first in the NFC. The Panthers move to 5-9.

Jaguars 20-Raiders 16

The Jags and Gardner Minshew ruined the Raiders last game in Oakland. The fans threw stuff on the field after the game, and even tried to storm the field. It is a sad ending to a storied franchise. They move to Vegas next season. I don’t think they’ll have much of a home-field advantage. This felt like a matchup of two teams that have been nothing but disappointing this season. We had high hopes for the Raiders after the first quarter of the season, but it didn’t last song. We also had faith in the Jag’s until the Jalen Ramsey episode and then their season collapsed. At least they found their franchise QB. Now the question is what they do with Foles.

Buccaneers 38-Lions 17

Jameis through and interception by 1:08 PM. It was the perfect start to a Buccaneers blow out of the Lions. They have been such a weird team this season. The offense has been turnover riddled but they are certainly productive. Take away the interceptions for Winston and he’s an MVP candidate right now. The Lions fall to 3-10–1 and last in the NFC North.

Dolphins 20-Giants 36

The Dolphins had won 3 of 5 until last weeks loss against the Jets. They continued their usual losing ways against the Giants on Sunday. It was positive to see Saquon Barkley run the ball well, as he’s had a bit of an up and down season. Eli Manning got his standing ovation at the end of game. What does that mean? I personally think he’s done, especially in New York. He had a great career in terms of winning, with 2 Super Bowls, and he’s clearly lost any athleticism he once had. Time to retire, Eli.


December football never gets old. We saw playoff standings move, we saw upsets, and we saw a lot of good football. It’s almost time for the playoffs, but we still have two important weeks left. The NFC North, East, and West have yet to be decided. As well as the AFC South and AFC East. It should be a rollercoaster, and we are here for it.

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