5 Things We Learned on NFL Sunday – Week 13

1. The Eagles are a bad football team

Carson Wentz missed throws, the Eagles defense gave up big plays, and the Eagles lost to the Dolphins. Just when I thought the Seattle loss was rock bottom they managed to look worse. The offense was able to move the ball, but they still had numerous moments that left you scratching your head. Nelson Agholor looked better than he has but that isn’t saying much. Zach Ertz dropped a key TD pass late in the game. Also, can the Jim Schwartz era in Philly be over yet? Every other game for the last 2 seasons, the Defense gives up 30 or more points. It’s absurd he still has a job.

Somehow, the Eagles are still in a playoff spot. If they win out, they would make the playoffs. Do I think that happens? Absolutely not. This is one of the worst Eagles teams in recent memory. And I’m in full on panic mode about 90% of the team. At least they won a Super Bowl two years ago… right?

2. Derek Carr is not the answer at QB for the Raiders

We’ve seen enough. Derek Carr should be benched in week 14. After getting blown out by the Jets a week ago, you thought, well everyone has bad games. But getting blown out by an average Kansas City defense is rock bottom. There is obvious holes in their offense, and no way is it all Derek Carr’s fault, but we need to see more out of him to prove that he’s the guy in Oakland.

I also don’t think Gruden likes Carr. Just judging from a play calling standpoint, he doesn’t trust him and it often makes their offense vanilla. At this point in the season, the Raiders are not in a playoff spot at 6-6. If they want to get into a playoff spot, Derek Carr needs to prove he’s the man in Oakland and have a stellar end of the year.

3. The Titans are for real

Ryan Tannehill. If you told me he’d be a good starting QB in 2019, I would laugh in your face. The Titans were so impressive yesterday. All three phases, offense, defense, and special teams showed up. And don’t look now, but the Titans are still alive in the divisional playoff race. The Colts are slowly fading away and the Texans are within reach. The Titans next 4 games? The Raiders in Oakland, Texans in Tennessee, Saints in Tennessee, and then the Texans again in Texas. That’s as tough as it gets, but if they can win 3 of those games, they will be in a great position to make the playoffs.

And I have to mention how good Derrick Henry is. He wasn’t anywhere near my top 5 RB’s list before the season started, and now I’m struggling to find 1 RB that’s better than him. In his last three games, he’s ran for 496 yards and 5 TD’s. It’s time we mention him for MVP.

4. The Browns won’t make the playoffs

It’s a weird feeling being disappointed in the Browns. I’m usually just laughing at how bad they are, and now all of a sudden it’s surprising. They have a ton of talent, top to bottom, and they just haven’t played well. Baker Mayfield has been BAD, to say the least. OBJ has not performed remotely close to his standards. Freddie Kitchens might be the worst of everyone. He isn’t a good coach. I fully expect him to be fired at the end of the season. He’s clearly not able to get the best out of his guys, and it only took half a season to prove it.

What’s next for the Browns? Well like I said above, gotta get rid of Kitchens ASAP and start a new head coach search. Find a coach that can get the best out of your All-Pro receiver. They also need to find out if Baker is the guy going forward past next year, because he hasn’t proved it this year.

5. The Ravens and 49ers are the best teams in football

I get it. The Patriots will still somehow win the Super Bowl. But lets talk about how good these two teams are. Lamar Jackson hasn’t had a bad game all season, and neither has Jimmy G. Both defenses are full of a ton of talent, from the secondary to the D-line. Matthew Judon, the Ravens LB, has been everywhere on the field this season. Nick Bosa, the 49ers stud rookie DE, might win Defensive MVP.

It’s so impressive how the Ravens continue to look like the better team in every game they play. We have seen good teams win games where they weren’t necessarily dominate, but I feel like the Ravens have dominated every single game they’ve won. They have depth on both sides of the ball, and John Harbaugh has been the Coach of the year this season. I am excited to see how they are playing come playoff time.

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