Weekend Recap: Lamar Jackson is the best QB in football right now

What a great Sunday. The Ravens beat up on the Texans. The Falcons destroyed the Panthers in Carolina. The Patriots and Eagles were in a defensive dogfight. And how about the New York Jets winning the garbage bowl! What a day

I can’t forget about a wild weekend in college football. The boat has officially sunk as Minnesota lost to Iowa. I feel like Iowa’s role in college football every year is to just beat good teams and ruin their season. They’ll never make it to the college football playoffs but they are always expected to win a big upset every year and make it to the B1G Championship.

Michigan beat up on Michigan State on Saturday as well. Shea Patterson had his first 300 yard game and has looked great down the stretch. I think Michigan will end up winning out. They are playing exceptional defense right now and they are starting to find rhythm offensively.

Colin Kaepernick had a workout Saturday for NFL teams. He looks very average but of course the blue check mark brigade had something to say about how good he is. I never had a problem with him and actually loved watching him play but he isn’t getting younger. Also, he’s a vegan which doesn’t bode well for health. Cam Newton is a vegan. When is the last time he played a full season? Just saying.


Falcons are playing hard for Dan Quinn. Interested to see how the season ends for them. The Kyle Allen hype train might be hitting disaster mode soon. He has looked bad for a few games in a row now.

49ers had a nice bounce back game against a tough Cardinals team. Kyler Murray is very good and will dominate the league for years to come.

The Bears still suck. Last week, I thought Mitch finally put it all together but I was wrong. I don’t think I’ve seen a player just fall apart as much as he has. I put the blame all on Matt Nagy. He constantly leaves Trubisky out to dry with shitty play calling. And then he takes him out late in the game?? What a dick move.

The Saints had a great game offensively. It looks like Drew Brees finally got his rhythm back after coming back from injury. Don’t count the Saints out just yet.

The Lions defense is absolutely horrid. They give every QB in the league career days. Remember how mad Lions fans were when they traded Diggs? They need to go ahead and trade everyone else too. Awful.

The Colts got a huge win against the Jag’s. Nick Foles struggled after being out since Week 1. Brissett has his first game back after being out a week and looked really good. Colts Texans next week should be incredible.

Lamar Jackson is so good. He makes big plays look easy. Texans looked really bad especially on defense. Gotta figure it out fast if they want to win the division.

Vikings had a huge come back against the Broncos. Man, the Broncos play every single team in the league so tough. They are such a tough win these days which is strange because they aren’t very talented.

What a weekend. On to the next one.

6-0 in college football this weekend 🔥

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