Beat the Spread: CFB Week 11/NFL Week 10 picks

This season has just been so awesome. All of the storyline’s and great games have made 2019 the most entertaining season yet. From Lamarr Jackson to Gardner Minshew, we have seen a plethora of career changing seasons for individual players. I can’t wait to see the second half of the season.

Nick Foles is back. That has nothing to with my picks but I’m just very fired up about it.

Earlier in the week I tweeted that Antonio Brown was going to be an Eagle before the end of the week. I was wrong. Well, my source was actually wrong. Do I even have a source? Read this blog and there is a giant clue:

Pick: Chiefs -6 (@Titans)

Mahomes is back. All is good in Kansas City. All is bad in Tennessee. Chiefs roll in this one. I think it’s funny how fast we forget about how good Mahomes is. He was averaging 9.0 yards per pass play before he was hurt. Lets slow the brakes and get ready for the Chief’s inevitable run to the playoffs.

Pick: Giants -3 (@Jets)

The way that the Jets and Sam Darnold have been playing the last few weeks is atrocious. Darnold has no confidence. I’m not sure if Daniel Jones has much more confidence because he has thrown 8 interceptions. I love betting on a garbage bowl and I think the Giants win by a couple of touchdowns.


Pick: Bills +3 (@Browns)

Browns have not played up to the level they were hyped up to be. Bills still have a decent enough defense to slow the run game down enough to make Baker have to make plays. I think Bills end up winning. Cleveland burns.

Pick: Rams -4 (@Steelers)

Rams desperately need to win to keep pace with the rest of the NFC West. Steelers Mason Rudolph has shown flashes but I don’t think he’s good enough to score much against Jalen Ramsey and the Rams defense. Rams roll.

Pick: Packers -5 (@Panthers)

I told someone this week that Aaron Rodgers is arguably the most impressive player in the NFL this year. He is looking like 2014 Aaron and it’s terrifying if you aren’t a Packers fan. Christian McCaffery is going to have to do everything he can to help Kyle Allen and the Panthers keep pace with Rodgers. Oh, and I didn’t even add that Rodgers has a lethal running game now. Wouldn’t surprise me if we see them in the super bowl.

Picks: Vikings +3 (@Cowboys)

Two teams I dislike. Vikings played well against Kansas City and just came up short. The Cowboys beat the Giants handedly. I think this game will be close and the Vikings pull it out late. Hopefully by a touchdown. It still amazes me people think Dak is better than Carson Wentz.


College Football

Iowa +9.5 (@Wisconsin)

Georgia -16.5 (vs. Mizzou)

Notre Dame -6 (@Duke)

Oklahoma -13 (vs. Iowa State)

Boise State -13.5 (vs. Wyoming)

Hawaii -7 (vs. San Jose State)

No explanations needed for these picks. I have spent the entire week researching to have my best week yet. I’m really excited about Alabama vs. LSU. I want to see how Burrow’s reacts in the biggest game of his career. I’ll address this blog in my weekend recap coming Monday morning.

Gamble on, folks.

Any questions/tips? Email me at

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