NFL Week 9-CFB Week 10 Picks

It’s that time of the week again. Time to get back on track. My NFL and CFB picks last week sucked. So, time to get back on the wagon. Here are all of my picks:

Pick: 49ers – 10 (vs. Cardinals)(TNF***)

The 49ers keep on rolling. So why would I not continue to roll with them. I assume this line will go to 10.5 by game time but I’d be confident with either pick.

Pick: Eagles -3 (vs. Bears)

Time to show some confidence in my guys. Carson Wentz looked great last week while Trubisky looked bad. Covering 3 at home against a bad offense should be no problem for the Eagles. Oh, and this man is back:

Pick: Panthers -4 (vs. Titans)

One of those picks that I hate which means I should hammer it. Panthers played bad last weekend and should perform better at home to get back on track.

Pick: Seahawks -6 (vs. Buccaneers)

Jameis Winston will throw 100 interceptions against this defense. Seahawks by 1000.

Ravens +3.5 (vs. Patriots)

If a team were going to beat the Patriots this season, the Ravens could be the team. They are playing great football. It is just a matter of what Lamar Jackson can do against the Patriots defense. I expect them to keep it a field goal game, nonetheless.

College Football picks:

WVU +18 (@ Baylor)

Purdue +3 (vs. Nebraska)

Wake Forest -7.5 (vs. NC State)

Syracuse -2 (vs. Boston College)

Miami +3 (@ Florida State)

Florida +6 (vs. Georgia)

Auburn – 18.5 (vs. Ole Miss)

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