Weekend Recap: Celebrating the Sports Equinox: 10/28/19

Im going to start putting out more blogs. I’ll eventually change the name of the site to something more broad, but until then I will blog about mostly everything on Wentz Zone.

What a beautiful day it was on Sunday. It was like every single star aligned. There was no better place to be then in front of your couch. Every single (relevant) sport was on in one day. The times of games were so perfect that if you planned it right, you had multiple games to watch at all times.

NFL Sunday was very good unless you are a gambler. I’m pretty sure the witching hour (3-4pm) claimed my life and I am now just a ghost of a man. I went 1-4 in the span of 20 minutes. Just when I thought I was about to break even and maybe profit on 4PM games, I was hit with shame as I just lost everything. Venmo me. Please.

The Eagles won.They dominated the Bills in Buffalo. I was very happy.

The Colts almost lost to the Broncos which was suprising. The Broncos have actually looked like a somewhat competent team the last 3 weeks, it will be interesting to see if they end up selling at the deadline tomorrow (10/29).

The Bears offense somehow almost looked worse than last weekend. And of course they missed on a DOINK to lose the game. Deja Vu.

The 49ers are real. They have a top 3 defense and offense and can dominate nearly any team they play. I can not wait for the Seahawks game in a few weeks.

The Browns are a dumpster fire. They actually SUCK. I’m shocked that Kitchens wasn’t fired last night. Baker Mayfield looked awful last night. It was even worse for the Browns that it was a winnable game for them. They played terrible football and were somehow still in the mix for almost the entire game.

College football was pretty great too. Michigan absolutely steam rolled Notre Dame. Notre Dame legitimately looked like a D2 football team in Ann Arbor. I have never seen a top 10 team so unprepared for a football game. They looked like they didn’t even know it was gonna rain.

Oklahoma shockingly lost. Hurts was great but their defense couldn’t slow down a turtle. Those two losses should definitely do a number on the top 10. LSU beat Auburn in the most unsurprising news of the weekend. I want Bo Nix to be good so bad because he has the best name in college football, but man, he is BAD this season. I know he’s just a freshman but sometimes he looks lost out there. Also, Ohio State beat Wisconsin and now Wisconsin is officially cancelled, I think.

The World Series was on Sunday night as well. The Astros took a 3-2 series lead against the Nat’s. I’m convinced the Nat’s thought it was a 2 game series because they have looked awful in the last 3 games. The pitching has been subpar and they haven’t gotten the offensive production that they have in the last 2 rounds (besides in Game 2). Hopefully the Astros win the series in Game 6 so I can make fun of Nat’s fans.

George Springer has been the MVP of this series, btw.

Oh, and if you thought Sunday night would put an end to the craziness. Two girls got banned from every MLB stadium for flashing the camera in game 5. Incredible.

I will be doing a live blog next weekend for the entire weekend. It will basically be this, but you will be able to follow it along live. I’ll start that blog Friday night.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see ya next weekend.

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