Beat the Spread: NFL Week 7

I am sorry for losing you all money in week 6. Who the hell saw the Titans and Falcons losing the way they did. Also, Baltimore, who had 300 more yards than the Bengals, should have covered. It was a weird week. Oh, and before I forget, Jamaal Williams is dead to me. If he would have scored the Packers would have surely covered and I would have gone even with my picks and ended up even in the money column.

Image result for williams packers

So, this week, we will avoid taking chances on bad teams and just focus on getting quality locks to bet on. These are my week 7 LOCKS:

Pick: Chiefs -4.5 (@ Broncos)

Not much to say about this one. Chiefs desperately need a win and the Broncos can not compete offensively with the Patrick Mahomes and the men in red. This is a LOCK.

Pick: Lions +1 (vs.Vikings)

Lions almost pulled out a win vs. the Packers on Monday night. Although most of their points came from Matty Prater, I have a lot of confidence in them coming out strong vs. the Vikings and winning the game.

Pick: 49ers -10 (@ Redskins)

Image result for 49ers

The Redskins SUCK and barely beat the Dolphins, while the 49ers beat a tough Rams team dominantly. I think they continue undefeated and steam roll the Skins. I can’t believe the line is this low, and of course this worries me.

Pick: Jaguars -3 (@ Bengals)

The Bengals played well against the Ravens, and ended up covering, but I think it mainly due to the missed chances of Lamarr Jackson and the Ravens offense. I don’t think they are ready for MINSHEW MANIA and lose big in this one.

Pick: Bears – 3 (vs. Saints)

I don’t love this pick, but that usually is a good thing in my gambling life. I think the Bears play tough defense against big dong Teddy and get enough production to cover. This bet basically relies on the Saints being able to score points against the Bears, no matter what the Bears offense does. The Bears are in must win territory as they try and keep pace with the rest of the best division in football, the NFC North.

Pick: Seahawks -3.5 (vs. Ravens)

LOVE this pick. The Ravens have screwed me by not covering this season. I think the Seahawks pound them with the 12th man behind them. This is mostly a revenge pick for me, but I do love the Seahawks this season and will probably start to roll with them the rest of the season.

Image result for seahawks

2019 Season Overall: 13-12 (52.0%)

I will continue to update every post with my record.

Gamble on, folks.

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