NFL Week 9-CFB Week 10 Picks

It’s that time of the week again. Time to get back on track. My NFL and CFB picks last week sucked. So, time to get back on the wagon. Here are all of my picks: Pick: 49ers – 10 (vs. Cardinals)(TNF***) The 49ers keep on rolling. So why would I not continue to roll withContinue reading “NFL Week 9-CFB Week 10 Picks”

Weekend Recap: Celebrating the Sports Equinox: 10/28/19

Im going to start putting out more blogs. I’ll eventually change the name of the site to something more broad, but until then I will blog about mostly everything on Wentz Zone. What a beautiful day it was on Sunday. It was like every single star aligned. There was no better place to be thenContinue reading “Weekend Recap: Celebrating the Sports Equinox: 10/28/19”


Big week ahead for me personally. I sucked last weekend. I lost you guys money again and I’m sorry. We will win this week. Tides will turn. That’s all I will say. I had some people ask me to post one of these with college football picks as well, so here we go.. NFL picksContinue reading “BEAT THE SPREAD: NFL AND CFB EDITION PT. 1”